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Adera , Yisakal, and HIM

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ABAY MOVIES is delighted to bring you the higly acclaimed film ADERA , The best stand up comedy YISAKAL and the best film done on Emperor hailesillasie, all in one package! Enjoy !!!

Adera is the heart wrenching story of an Ethiopian refugee's struggle to survive in the city of Johannesburg. Life in South Africa is dangerous and earning money is difficult. She quickly discovers that Johannesburg is not the promised city of gold.
Marlam struggles to provide for her two children back home and through a series of twisted circumstances ends up as a surrogate mother for a wealthy Ethiopian couple, Tiru and Fre. Their fate is tied to that of Biru's, the shady middle man who is only interested in the money.
As this unique African story unfolds, the true cost of dreams is revealed and each life is changed forever. Adera is a story of, love, hope, deception and the human will to survive.

Yisakal Comedy is the first of its kind done in Sheraton Addis . Some of the best names in comedy participated in it - nothing spared, everything joked about including political figures!

HIM, Ethiopian History, is one of the rear films done on HIM, Emperor Hailesilassie , Lion of Judah! Watch it and learn something about this amazing personality.



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ADERA Free Preview
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