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Starring: Kevin Singh; Catherine Mccarthy; Nicola Da Silva
Runtime: 1 hr: 22 min
Release Year: 2011

A Mother, NICOLA DA SILVA, falls in love with a seedy Indian man, KEVIN SINGH. In turn, he has a secretive love affair with her daughter. The romance sparks betrayal and the two plot to get the inheritance money from the mother, so they can live a life of luxury. The story is set in Sandton, Johannesburg.

It was filmed on DVX and shows the landscape of johannesburg, South Africa. Sam's life is empty till he finds his 'in' to high society. But he lives for his girlfriend's daughter, which kills him and everyone from deceit. Bruce is the hero of the story and is able to inform the cops of Sam's undeground plans and justice is served in the end.



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