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Runtime: 100 minutes
Release Year: 2010

Carmo would do anything to escape the hellhole of a Brazilian border town where she lives. So when a lonesome, wheelchair-bound low-life named Marco arrives on the scene, she jumps at the chance to help him transport a shipment of smuggled goods. An unlikely romance unfolds as the two are chased through a lush and jagged South American landscape by bandidos, the police and their own passions alike. A lawless, reckless journey of self-discovery, this Sundance dazzler refuels the classic road-trip genre.


Starring Seu Jorge (City of God, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou).


What the Critics are Saying

"A screwball road movie inspired by the wildest stylings of Leone, Fellini and Tarantino!"
- Variety

"Terrifically offbeat and charming! Intriguing characters and strong lead performances. Double crosses, playful absurdity, and even a little romance." - This Week in New York

"Pulp Fiction meets It Happened One Night. Rueful humor and tropical sensuality!"
- The New York Times

"The charismatic leads display an undeniable chemistry." - The Hollywood Reporter

"Road movie, character study, thriller, travelogue, chase film, comedy, religious satire, globalization tract, family dramedy...this lively movie is so full of vivacious characters and non-stop events that the few times it pauses to rest a bit, you’ll be happy to catch your breath." - Trust Movies




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