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Dermesheh (English Narration)

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Runtime: 45 min
Release Year: 2009

They are known as the small Shehs(priests) - Dermesheh. We are not talking about humans, but hyenas. How did the Hyenas in Harrar get that title? What is the cultural under pinning behind the title? The New documentary film addresses these and other issues. When darkness falls, the hyenas in Harrar leave their caves and hideouts to look for their daily food.  

Unlike other hyenas, those in Harrar know where to go to feed themselves and once they reach their destination, they wait in line until they are called by their individual names. When their names are called ....... How was it possible to tame hyenas? How do humans and hyenas interact and live together? What is the secret behind it? The new documentary film looks into that relationship and investigates the cultural and religious connotations.

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