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Ethiopian AND Baka music

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Runtime: 50 minute

"East_Meets_West" is a name that we gave to this fantastic collection of musicals done in Ethiopia and Cameroon and United Kingdom, by Martin Cradic and Su Hart.


Cradled in the heart of the African rainforest lives one of the oldest and most sensitive musical cultures on earth. The music of the Baka Forest People. Global Music Exchange was created after Martin Cradick & Su Hart went to live with them in 1992. In 2005 & 2006 GME also worked in Ethiopia, organizing a festival of traditional music and dance in Arba Minch. A soundscape of the third festival of music and dance held at Arba Minch, Ethiopia, December 2005. 26 of over 50 distinct communities from Southern Ethiopia came together to celebrate and share their traditional music and dance. Ever since then Martin and Su have been planning a similar festival in Cameroon.

"A decade ago, Martin & Su Cradick set off for the Cameroon rain forest and brought back exquisite recordings of the music of the Baka people (The Heart of the Forest/Hannibal Records). In 2005, they took their remarkable skills in energizing and documenting traditional African cultures to the Rift Valley of Southern Ethiopia. The result is a stunning collection of tribal music, assembled for its excitement and its beauty rather than its documentary value to scholars. The work they do resembles no other; they are fast becoming one of the developing world's great cultural assets." Joe Boyd


Record endangered music and bring royalties from sales back to the musicians/ community
Use funds collected to carry out projects agreed by and of benefit to the community
Encourage self-worth and respect for their culture by showing that it is appreciated in the wider world
Bring all ages, ethnicities and religions together in joyous open-air events by setting up traditional music & dance festivals.
Relieve poverty in communities which have provided music for recordings
Educate people in Britain about foreign cultures by running workshops in schools and community centres

ALL the proceeds will go to the GME foundation to help the indigenous people.

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