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Gondar- AN AFRICAN CIVILIZATION(English Narration)

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Runtime: 1 hr
Release Year: 2009


A documentary film about the culture and historical legacy of the Gondarian civilization at Gondar, Ethiopia. Some 400 years ago, Emperor Fasil become involved in the construction of castles and other emperors followed his footsteps. As a result, a civilization was born.

The Gondarian civilization that lasted for a number of years is considered to be a milestone in the annals of African history. It is a historical irony that when the Gondarian civilization was flourishing, the African slave trade was at its zenith. The Engineering of the castles, the paintings in the churches, the sculptures and other constructions still amaze modern architects.

The film not only portrays the construction of the various castles, it also examines the social and economic background for their construction. How were the ideas conceived? Who were the engineers and architects? What role did Ethiopians/Africans play in the construction of these castles? How was it possible to achieve such a monumental undertaking? What were the historical circumstances behind the Gondarian civilization This documentary film addresses these and other issues and modern architects, church and modern historians, engineers and artists provide their insight.


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