Service type: Targeted content distribution:

To our Corporate or Individual Clients: Targeted video content distribution is available for your service. All you have to have is Corporate or individual Client ID, and pass code for your content.

In order that your targeted customers watch your content, your customers need to enter your Corporate or Individual ID, their Name, Email address, and Pass code. Your content can be watched at any time, anywhere around the Globe where broadband access is available.

* Corporate or Individual Clients are entities who have video content and want to distribute their work to their Targeted customers instantly around the Globe at an affordable price. To get your Corporate Client ID and Pass Code, please contact Sales group at, or you can email us at Contact Us.

Corporate ID:


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Videos under this Category are private video's of our clients.
You can only access them if you have Corporate ID, Passcode, Name and email address from the Corporate Client.
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